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    • Robert's Overhaul Finale - The Best Modpack for SAMP / GTA San Andreas

      This modpack contains:
      -ENB - Natural and Realistic ENB by Robert
      -Timecyc by Robert
      -HD Road Textures for the whole Map by Robert
      -HD Skybox
      -Stars during the Night Time
      -HD Lights Streaming Distance - Project 2dfx
      -HD Lights
      -HD Weapons
      -HD Vegetation for the whole Map
      -HD Sounds
      -HD Lens Flare
      -HD Effects - Overdose Effects 1.5
      -HD Original Font
      -HD Original Cars - 41
      -HD Original Skins - 201
      -HD Rims - Similar to original ones
      -HD Paint Jobs
      -HD Loading Screens
      -New Ped Moves
      -Nature Sounds
      -Anti-Crasher for SA:MP 0.3.7
      -Sun in SA:MP is enabled
      -Water in SAMP is enabled
      -Single Player Vegetation in SA:MP is enabled ( without the grass )
      -GTA IV Hud with GTA IV addon
      -GTA IV Map
      -Added Fix Wheel Turn Back - The wheel will remain on the same position as you put it
      -Proportional Coronas
      -Stream Memory - 2GB


      "Die meisten Menschen wollen lieber durch Lob ruiniert als durch Kritik gerettet werden."