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  • Title: [0.3x|VGRP] Voltage Gaming Roleplay [Unique Mappings] [WizardingSAMP]

    Please excuse any grammar errors or mistakes that you might notice in the script, it will be fixed in the next update hopefully.

    Starter Package

    We do give out packages which contains useful items for newly registered players, the package includes below;

    - Silver VIP
    - 5 Pots & Cracks
    - 5,000 Materials
    - $100,000 cash in hand
    - $10,000 in bank

    About Us

    Server IP & Port:
    Website: http://www.vgamingrp.tk/
    Teamspeak IP:
    We are at Voltage Gaming RP are dedicated to bring you a decent role play experience,
    with the finest mappings by our mapper and sponsor, WizardingSAMP.
    We have a custom unique server Internal Security System that it is almost impossible to hack our script, RCON or make yourself admin.
    Our script might not be unique as you may think, but we have very eye-catching mappings that would gradually increase your thoughts about the server.
    There are only around 2-3 server administrators at the moment. We are always seeking for experienced administrators, and helpers to assist players from time to time!
    Our administration team is very supportive and friendly, events from time to time will be created for the pleasure of our players.

    Factions & Families

    We have a few opened factions and empty family slots waiting to be led and owned by!
    Every factions has their own vehicles, lockers, department and head quarters of course.
    As for families, every family will be prompted to choose their location of HQ and family vehicles will be created for them.
    Families have a vast amount of aciivities to do, from capturing points to claiming turfs. Families and factions will not
    be left inactive and unattended as our faction and family moderator moderates the family and keeps them active under the supervising of the director of factions!

    Our Mappings

    It is time that we show you some of our server custom mappings, we hope you enjoy it and consider about giving our server a try!

    This would be Pershing Square.

    Los Santos Police Department, home of the Los Santos law enforcers

    City Hall, home of the Government of LS.

    Our VIP Lounge.

    The back-side of our VIP Lounge, where VIPs park their boats.

    There are a loads of more mappings in our server, come IG and check them out one by one!

  • Your ad is actually very good, unfortunately you have a TK domain all you could embellish with a Free Domain.

    Do you come from Germany or from another country?
    A DDoS protection to your web space is not there?

    Thank you!

    EDIT; We are going to buy a web domain (.com) and a new forum. We are waitting to be set up.

    Also..I am not actually from Germany. I am from Greece (I cant speak German very well!)

    The website hasnt any DDoS protection//The server has.